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Rasengan versus Chidori. Which is stronger?

If naruto and sasuke should have a hand jutsu combat, who do u think would win?

chidori versus rasengan

Rasengan versus Chidori(a thousand bird) which rivals which? very interesting topic that i have always wanted to write on. Now in terms of ranking in Konoha(the hidden leaf), Rasengan and Chidori are “A” ranked jutsus.

The Rasengan was invented by the fourth hokage (Minato Namikaze) and was said to be a very powerful jutsu while Chidori on the other hand was invented by Kakashi Hatake. the rasengan is a ball of chakra while the chidori is Lightning formed from chakra.

Now, i know you guys would be thinking between rasengan and chidori, rasengan is formed through their power source(chakra) while chidori is gotten from the power source so rasengan should be more powerful right? well no. now ill give my reasons

  1. When rasengan is formed , the speed of impact depends on the user but chidori is a technique that gives its user speed.
  2. True that naruto used rasengan to form rasenshuriken using his wind chakra nature making it an S rank jutsu but to counter that remember that sasuke also used his chidori to form kirin which he used to defeat his brother itachi.
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